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OK, we have an old DELL 1750 and we want to install W2008 R1 Web Edition 32 bit. Problem is, it only has a CD drive and the image from Microsoft is a DVD image. Tried using the original W2000 server installed on the PC as host and ran the W2008 installer from an external USB DVD player. All worked fine and selected a second disk with one basic partition as the target - i.e. second disk would just have W2008 Server and could be used in place of the current disk with W2000. Trouble is, the second disk won't boot on its own as the first disk seems to contain boot sector related info. How do I get around this so that I have one standalone disk?

I tried EasyBCD to try and move the BCD data to the second disk so it would boot independently but no such luck.
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portable DVD player to install the software from DVD?

portable DVD player to install the software from DVD
or copy windows cd to d:\
then run setup file and setup the windows to c:\
like this i do its faster then installing from dvd


That's what I did but it required an opsys installed on the primary disk to run the installer from the DVD player which then would only install to the second disk. this then left the second disk relying on the MBR and BCD data on the first disk to boot (as a secondary opsys).. It did not allow me to create a standalone book disk nor was I able to set the external USB DVD player as a boot device.
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Are you booting from the DVD drive? Almost sounds like you are running the install from within the windows GUI?
Sorry didnt see the "unable to use external dvd as boot device"

Have you enabled it in the bios? A usb dvd should be bootable from your bios unless it is not enabled.
is this enabled?
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Definitely getting a DVD drive for this system is your best option.  You might try installing from a flash drive, but I don't remember if the 1750 can boot to USB (which will also rule out your external DVD drive).

Sorted by doing a PXE Boot in the end to another windows 2008 server running remote deployment service

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