exchange profile switches back to server alias after closing outlook...

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We have people using RPC over HTTPS with Exchange 2010. Originally they were setup with a server alias that pointed to "". Then the certificate was changed to have a new CN at the top so we gave them a new profile using "server1" in the proxy settings. However, when you re-open Outlook it will change back to using the "" in the settings and has to be reset every time Outook is closed and then opened. Is this just a setting from the old certificate that's interfering here?

Should I delete the old certificate from the store on the computer and then proceed?

It only happens on 3 or 4 computers and everyone else is fine....

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Go here


Open notepad
Drag and drop the HOSTS file and lmhosts file

see if the server alias is hard-coded ?


I can check on that as soon as I have access to one of the boxes...
This was on the server. Someone had gone into EMC and then server configuration > client access and right-clicked on the server and changed it on the 'Outlook Anywhere' tab to be a different server name which it was switching the clients to.

Once we verified all the URLS for the client access were correct and it was changed in this location to be the correct name, the clients problems went away.

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