Issue with XP Network drivers for Dell GX270

mochajava76 used Ask the Experts™
I reinstalled XP on a Dell Optiplex GX270.
The audio and video drivers self-installed but I am having trouble with the network drivers.
I tried the drivers I had on disk (R132254.exe) and they did not install – there was still a yellow question mark on the Ethernet Controller on Device Manager.
I tried the latest from (R87461).  The self-extraction created the folder in \Dell\Drivers\R87461, and the InstallShield Wizard runs, but after running setup.exe it still did not seem to install properly.  I still have the yellow question mark.

The readme directions refer to a \drvinst folder, but from the command line I only see the \R87461.exe, not a folder.  

Thanks for your help!

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could be that the NIC is not functional anymore?

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Make sure that you install the PC's chipset drivers before installing any others.

To check if the NIC still works, boot the PC using a LiveCD like PuppyLinux, and if you can connect then the hardware is OK. If you can't connect, it is bad.
Wesley MillerComputer Network Analyst

When you go into properties of the device in question ,
What does the device status window message say?
Did you try the Dell Recovery Partition?
Try going to: and let dell install the applet that will auto search yor system and install what you need.
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Course I guess if you have problems with the netwrok cards you Dell PC can't get onthe internet. In that case got to the site link belown and download R6677.exe , It is tha latest Intel Gigabit LOM driver for you r PC that is Microsoft Certified. Also on the same page is a Diagnostiv Utility for the NIC Card.


Thank you, Wes!
The R66787 driver installed correctly and I am now connected.
Didn't realize I picked the wrong driver.
Thanks for your help on my first question submitted!

Wesley MillerComputer Network Analyst

You are most welcome Jay ,
Thats what the site is here for...
To help you and develop and improve upon our own troubleshooting skills.


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