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In Windows 2008, logged on with the admin account, I run:

dsadd user "CN=Example User,OU=Users,OU=SomeLocation,OU=MyBusiness,DC=PJ,DC=local" -fn Example -ln User -display "Example User" -company "Example Company" -dept Department1 -email bb@example.co.uk -pwdneverexpires yes -u bb -p 4edXed23

and get the error:

dsadd failed:The logon attempt failed

I can't find much help with this error on Google.

Any help? I Have also tried running the code in a command prompt 'opened as administrator'.
The OU's are set up okay, I created a user object then used dsquery to get it's CN path which matched the example okay.

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If your logging in as an AD admin take out this part.

-u bb -p 4edXed23


Thanks :) I'm an idiot... I was using the -u and -p instead of -samid and -pwd ...

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