BRMS  How do I eject an appended tape from a MLB prior to IPL

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Good Morning

Everytime one of our SAP Journal Entries closes, a job copies it to a library (ONLJRNSAV) and then kicks off a backup of this library to a tape.
I have a MLB and am backing up this library to a tape that is setup to append and this works correctly.
I have a move policy in place for the daily saves and run the MOVMEDBRM command to eject the tape when the backup completes.
I don't know how to do this for an appended tape.
I would like to automate ejecting this appended tape prior to an automated IPL.
Thank you

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Theo KouwenhovenApplication Consultant

Did you try the ENDOPT(*unload) parameter on your last backup action?
or add an extra tape action and include this option like a DSPTAP.

The tape is automatically rewound and unloaded after the operation ends.
Some optical devices will eject the volume after the operation ends.


Thanks Murphey2
Here is my current backup scenario because I am using the MLB for other backups and it only has one drive, this tape needs to unload after every use.  

Append to media  . . . . . . . . . . . . *YES    
End of tape option . . . . . . . . . . . *UNLOAD

However unload only moves it back to a slot within the MLB.  This is what I want until I stop SAP and it creates the last Journal Entry and backups up the library for the last time.  It's at this point I want it to unload and eject the tape.   (or at least change the storage location so when the next MOVMEDBRM is run it will eject.)

I don't know if this is even possible but do I need to create a Saturday Only Backup with a different Control Group for this last backup pointing to a different Meida Policy to acheive this??

Thanks again for your help




i just created a Saturday Only Backup with a different Control Group for this last backup pointing to a different Meida Policy and this doesn't work.  The tape points to the original Control Group and is not available to the new one.  :(
As far as I recall , that is the correct solution. I have an install that does a backup before midnight, appends a backup after midnight, and a third backup is appended later in the morning. All three use different control groups, with the last one marking the tape to be exported via the media policy.
I will verify this setup on Friday to confirm that Alzheimers has not yet set in.

The Saturday Only will not append?
BRMS can be fussy....make sure your expiry dates are compatible.


Thank you everyone.
This is a tricky one that even IBM scratches their heads over.
I finally created a Move Policy with TAPMLB01 set to a 6 days then COMPROOM  for 7
Normally this is unnecessary but in this cas it was the only way I could get it to work

Thanks again

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