Exhcange missing First Storage Group SBS 2003 SP1

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I have inherited a SBS 2003 server which has not been using exchange to manage their email. I have started to reconfigure the server to use exchange but I am missing the First Storage Group node when I view through the Exchange System Manager.
I have looked in the ADSI edit and the CN=InformationStore is missing.

When I check the properties for the server I get the following error;

An Invalid ADSI pathname was passed ID no: 80005000

Looks like someone has deleted or changed some permissions somewhere and explains why they have been using a POP add on to manage their email.

Please can you point me in the direction to amend the Invalid ADSI pathname so the server can find the store.

This is a SBS 2003 running SP1, I have had to uninstall SP2 as some of the previous updates were missing/messed up some have not installed the next updates yet.
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Since they are not currently using exchange, and you are basically starting from scratch, I would simply reinstall the exchange protion. This way you know your strting from a clean slate.
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I would try using the wizards first.
In add remove programs select SBS and change. This will re-install the "continue set-up" icon on the desktop. Run the continue setup wizard and install/re-install Exchange. Once complete run the CEICW (Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard) located under server management | Internet and e-mail | connect to the Internet


I have tried to reinstall the exchange but there is no difference, the CEICW wizard fails everytime at the email stage, even if I choose to not change or setup email settings
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If the wizards will not work then you have more issues than just exchange. I would run SBS 03 best practices analyzer and start from there.
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Sounds like the entire server has been "modified". It is very important with SBS that all components be installed even if you don't plan to use them because so many services are interrelated. If some one has removed services then installed updates it is often not possible to repair, a rebuild is usually in order. In your case you do not have to restore Exchange but you will have to back up data and rejoin PC's to the domain. This will at least assure it is done properly. If you are not familiar with SBS I would recommend first reading the following regarding the different wizards, what they do, and why it is important to use them:
“Introduction to Windows Small Business Server for Enterprise IT Pros”

As CincyItSolutions stated, best to run the best practices analyzer first in case it does point out some issues and you can repair.

I uninstalled Exchange  =and used ADSI edit to remove all remaining records from the previous install and reinstalled again which reinstalled the exchange storage group.

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