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I would like to buy a new, faster, larger hard drive for my Macbook. How would I go about transferring all of my data from my old drive to my new one? I've had a look at time machine, and it looks like I'd need to have a running copy of Mac OSX on the new drive for that to work, is there a faster way?
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Try Carbon Copy Cloner. You need an external drive too, though, in either case.


So if I were to put the new drive in an external enclosure I could use Carbon Copy to create a bootable backup?
Buy  an external USB case for the new drive. Connect it to your Macbook and use Disk Utility to format the new drive as Apple Extended Format (Journalled) and make sure the partition map is set to GUID.

Then use Carbon Copy cloner to clone the old drive to the new.

Once that is done take the new drive out of the external case and install it into your MacBook.

Put the old drive into the external case and use if for backup.

No need to use CCC - simply use Disk Utility to 'Restore' from old disk to new disk - but yes, you need to have it connected via a FireWire or USB case.

CCC or Super Duper is nice if you need to make progressive updates after, but for a simply - complete - migration, simply clone over the drive with DU's Restore feature.

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