In source code editor how do I move to closing tag

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Dear experts,

In source code editor, we have some rather large blocks of code starting with { and ending with } (typical java:)). Is there a keyboard shortcut (or some other non preffered alternative) which will move me to a closing tag, if my cursor is positioned on an opening tag (like hitting Alt+Left moves you back to previos position).
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hm..., forgot to explicitly mentiion. I am using Netbeans 6.8 with Slovenian keyboard layout (AltGr key), I have found this list of keyboard shortcuts:

According to this, I Ctrl+[ moves insertion point to matching bracket (which I think is what I need); unfortunatelly [ is accessible via AltGr key, so this shortcut doesn't work out of the box, but you can change it via menu: Tools->Options->Keymap->Insertion point to matching brace.

Thanks gurvnider for directing me into the right google search term.

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