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I have a computer with GeForce 6200 LE and Windows 7 that I control remotely with LogMeIn. But I can only set the resolution to 1600*1200, not 1920*1200 (I do not have an external screen connected).

I can change the resolution through NVidia control panel to 1920*1200 but every time a reconnect is the resolution set to maximum 1600*1200.

Is there any application that can force a screen resolution and remove all other options of screen resolution.
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I visited Logmein's web site. And this seems to be a common problem with users. You might try calling their technical support number for assistance.
Or you can log a ticket directly through their site.
Just select the Support tab on this URL.


well the problem is not LogMeIn I use 1920*1200 on another computer without problems. I can’t set 1920*1200 with the Windows 7 built in screen resolution either.
Understood. Still you might want to see if their 800 number can get you pointed in the right direction.
Does sound like a problem with Logmein...but try this tool called PowerStrip:

It has a range of options for forcing resolution etc. But Logmein uses it's own "display instance and resolution",  thats does not really have anything to do with the local resolution of the system.

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