Wall mounted Rack for Cisco MCS 7800

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Looking for a wall mounted rack to fit the Cisco Server MCS 7800. The server is about 24" deep and so far only seem to be able to find wall racks that are 19" deep. Any suggestions on the rack I need and or a good resource?
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think you're looking at the dimensions wrong on the racks

most racks are 19" wide and 24" deep as a minimum and can go as deep as 40" for big server racks.

How about Cisco part#: RAIL-7815-I2=
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So in shopping for a wall rack would I be right with a 24" server DEPTH to be looking at a 30" deep rack. I do see 24" DEEP racks but I'm assuming that wouldn't leave room for plugs/wires.
That is correct.
It would be a tight squeeze in a 24" rack, better to go for a bit deeper to allow for the door to close, air flow front and back, and space for cables and management arm at the back.

If it's the only thing going into the rack you could look at a vertical mount for it instead.


Jake That's kind of what I was thinking. The CISCO server is the only unit that would be in the case, so far I'm only seeing cases that are 11u at a minimum. Little big for my application.

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