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Hi i am working for my client site and i did some tips to increase Alexa ranking , and the result was fine but from few days it is increasing so can i have any solution what to do next to keep it low rank, please help if any body have any new ideas.

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Have a look at 20 Quick Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank:

Alexa Rank although is not reliable because it gathers all the data only from those computers which have installed the Alexa toolbar or Alexa sparky on it. Whenever a site is opened on those computers or browser the rank of your website will decrease.

Here you can say that if 1000 persons are opening the website who don't have installed Alexa toolbar/sparky on their browser then it will not move the Alexa rank but only 10 persons who has installed the tools can help in decrease the Alexa Rank.  

So you can ask the users to install it or get the users who already have it installed on their browser. These kind of users are SEOs and can be found on Webmaster forums, so start posting in some SEO/Webmaster forums and your Alexa rank will decrease.
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