Why can't my new server SBS 2008 connect to the Internet when my old server (W2k) can?

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I have an old W2k server running perfectly.
I shutdown the old server.
I installed a new server running SBS 2008.

Every setting on the new server was the same as the old server.  (IP address, DHCP, DNS, etc.)

The new server cannot connect to the internet (but a client computer can).
I ran nslookup to see if the new server can resolve ip addresses and it can.

Sidenote:  The Dell tech could webex into the client computer successfully.  However, when he tried to connect to the sbs server via Remote Desktop Connection, the process failed.  

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Did you run the "Connect to Internet" wizard after installing it? Post an ipconfig /all for the SBS if possible.
Technical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
Just sitting a new server into the old server's settings such as network and Active Directory will not necessarily make things work. Especially since the previous server was 10 years old!

So, please post an IPConfig /all for the new server to start with.

Please make sure to use the SBS Wizards including the Getting Started Tasks to properly configure SBS so that problems do not appear later on in the life of your SBS 2008 box. A properly running SBS 2008 should give you years of trouble free OS related operations.

Here are our guides for SBS 2008:
Set up:
Migrating from SBS 2003 or Win 2003 (with or without Exchange):

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Not disagreeing with Philip at all, but with SBS make sure you are connected to the router/internet and then run the connect to the internet wizard. Even swapping routers router without changing any of its configuration or the SBS can result in failure. Any physical or configuration changes to Internet access often requires re-running that wizard.

#1 rule with SBS is 'use the wizards'


I followed the SBS 2008 wizards.  A message was displayed, SBS 2008 successfully installed.

The problem is, the client computer CAN connect to the Internet, but the SBS 2008 cannot.

Is this client joined to the SBS domain? What roles are running on the Win2K server? Post an ipconfig /all from the SBS server.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

Is the router/gateway serving DHCP? Please run IPConfig /all on the workstation.

Make sure DHCP is running on SBS. If not, then there will be an error in the logs indicating why with an IP of the offending DHCP service location.

Top Expert 2013

The wizards are run after "SBS 2008 successfully installed".

Can you ping the router from the SBS, if so can you ping an internet IP such as (if not I suspect the wizards need to be run), if it does work can you connect to a site like Goggle by IP (if so DNS is not configured correctly)
I've never seen a wizard end with "SBS 2008 successfully installed".

That's what you see after you've installed the OS.  There are quite a few more things to do...that's why they're distilled down into the SBS wizards.

Every time you log in to the server you should see an application automatically launch that has a list of many wizards for you to use.

Are you seeing the "Windows SBS Console" application?  A lot of people just close it because it's slow and full of cartoony icons.


My Cayman 3220-H DSL modem/router works fine with my Windows 2000 Server.

I called AT&T (my Internet Service Provider).  An AT&T repairman came out and rewired the connector in the wiring harness in the wall of my office.  I then replaced the Cayman router with a new Netopia 3347 dsl modem/router.  

After rebooting the SBS 2008 Server, I clicked on Internet Explorer and it was able to connect to the Internet.  The client computer can also connect to the Internet.  However, the client computer still cannot do a remote desktop connection to the SBS 2008 server (but I will save that for another question on Experts Exchange).

Right now, the SBS 2008 Server is connected to the Internet.  Again, it was a wiring problem.

Thank you.
Top Expert 2013
Thanks for updating. Glad to hear it is working.
Whenever you change the configuration or hardware between the SBS and the Internet it is best to re-run the connect to the Internet wizard. Sometimes after swapping out a router it will not work until you do so, but best to do anyway to update the config.

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