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I have inherited a network that has an unknown Administrator account.  It appears to have been renamed, but I'm not sure.  Problem it, there are some files that I cannot re-gain access to, even with the "renamed" userid.

Is there a way to rebuild or recreate the administrator account?
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a) Do you know what was the account which was used to install the domain and forest.
what kinda network are you talking about size etc.
What os
what version of exchange
Firewalls etc.

You can use this tool to find out who all are logged on.

let us know.


don't know what account was used - we inherited this network
small business 2003 server
exchange is built in
I don't know what the firewall would have to do with a userid, but it is a watchguard.
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Try PSLogged on
See what you get. Will give you some ideas for next-steps..
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do you have ERD2005 ?

You can load-up ERD and use the locksmith tool to reset whatever was used to create it.

Did you check domain administrator and enterprise administrator group ?

How are you logged in to the SBS right now ? Normal user or domain admins ?
We found that the former admin had removed admin rights from certain folders.  Then he renamed admin t another name.  It was a bit of a backwards crawl, but we figured it out - eventually.

Thanks for all the help - you can close this issue

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