this server's clock is not synchronized with the primary domain controller's clock

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I'm experiencing this more frequently lately with my domain where the clients aren't "synchronized" with the PDC.  Their time actually is within the 10 minute window but it says it isn't.  Here's a screenshot of a new PC I just setup and tried to join it to the domain.  KTHROWER on the left is the client, APP2 on the right is the PDC.  It's only seconds different.

Yes if I do "net time /setsntp:app2" it corrects the problem.  PCs that log in daily are within a minute difference and are not being able to log in.  To me, it seems like something is a matter with the PDC since even PC's that have never been joined to the domain have a problem.  Can anybody assist?
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How do you have time set on your PDCe.

Check out this great blog by Matt (tigermatt on this site) about time in a domin


The max difference is 5 min, if its more than 5 min the user will not be able to login,,the problem is not with PDC, but with client machine. I have experienced these issues but upon changing the user problem this issue is solved.,,

Pls check you'r PDC must sync time properly,  then check with client ...

To check run "w32tm /resync"
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Look closer at the screenshot: the client is still Eastern Standard, the DC is Daylight. Change the client to DST, set the correct time manually, and try again.
The other clients with the problems are probably still in EST as well.
Make sure all clients are in the correct time zone, that "automatically adjust for DST" is enabled on all clients, and that the latest DST patches are installed.


C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.APP2.003>w32tm /resync
Sending resync command to local computer...
The computer did not resync because no time data was available.

My PC (or client)
C:\Documents and Settings\ncrawfor>w32tm /resync
Sending resync command to local computer...
The command completed successfully.

Should the PDC give that error message?

oBdA: I didn't look at that and you are right, it was a machine I reloaded with XP SP2 and haven't done SP3 yet.  My clients already in use are all SP3 with and were having problems.

All:  I added "net time /setsntp:app2" to the login script for the domain PCs.  I'll see if that makes a difference in the coming weeks.

Go through the below article and configure the server as authoritative time server.

After following the above article if issue still persist, the check the below KB
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"net time" is deprecated command dating back to NT4 and earlier, don't use it, use w32tm instead.
Adding a "net time" command in a logon script is pointless. Normal users don't have the permissions to change the time anyway, and since Windows 2000, the time service INCLUDING a time sync hierarchy in an AD domain is included. Messing around manually with the time won't get you anywhere.
Again: as long as
- your clients don't have the latest DST patches (and there are several post-SP3 patches as well), and
- the time zone the clients is in isn't set correctly, and
- the "Automatically adjust for DST" setting isn't enabled on all clients,
you *will* have these problems.
KTHROWER above is *not* seconds out of sync, it is one hour out of sync, since it's still in EST.

the 816042 article explains how to turn *any* W2k3 machine into an authoritative time server; it's plain overkill in most environments, since DCs are authoritative time servers *by* *default*. The only change that needs to happen in a default installation of a DC is that the PDC emulator should be configured to sync with an outside source, but that's not the issue here. The issue here are internal time differences.

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