Roaming Profiles - Replacing Windows XP Pro workstations with Windows 7 workstations.

lanman777 used Ask the Experts™
How do I get my Windows 7 workstations to pull down the roaming profiles I as using of Windows XP PRO?
They are not pulling down to my workstation when I log in.
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Have you got the roaming profiles setup in active directory?

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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What I would use is the USMT (User State Migration Tool).

Hope this helps~!

Are you running 2003 server or 2008? Windows 7 is not compatible with 2003 roaming profiles. When you have these profiles, unless things have changed, they will not communicate together and on the server, you will see 2 profiles, one for XP, another for 7.
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Spec should be correct if you are not accessing from both environments. If you have a mixed domain, you will have issues with the profiles not being the same.
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The Windows 7 roaming profile will be listed as whereas the older XP profile will be listed as (or however your usernames are setup).

The two profiles aren't compatible and won't roam to each O/S, so you'll have to maintain two I'm afraid. Same issue for me now that we've rolled out Windows 7 with users on Citrix and Win2K3 Server.



We will have 6 workstations with Windows 7 only for a week. After that we will be migrating our Windows 2003 server to Windows 2008. Will that fix the problem?


Yes the roaming profiles are in active directory, but are for my legacy Windows XP proffessional workstations.

YOu should be fine then to just use the migration tool on those profiles.
Are your Windows 7 PC's joined to the domain?

When a user signs in on that domain do they a generic desktop? If so go to My Computer\Users and see if there is  a TEMP user. I have run into this here on our network, and I had to log into the system as the local admin, and actually copy the entire profile from our file server to their PC and then once they signed in everything worked.

Let me know how that works!

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Just to clear up some potential confusion. The server OS does not matter when it comes to roaming profiles, only the client OS matters. So upgrading to Server 2008 will *not* resolve your consistency issues.
Windows 2000 and XP use version 1 of the roaming profile design that MS implemented. Vista and Windows 7 use versoin 2 (hence the .v2 at the end of a folder). Since these are stored in discreet folders, they *can* coexist just fine.
Changes to one, however, will not be reflected in the other. So if a user makes a change on an XP machine, that change will roam to all other XP and 2000 machines, but will NOT be present on any Vista or Win7 machine. And vice versa.
Hope that clears things up a bit.

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