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Hey all.  A while ago we upgraded from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.  I have to restore a Mailbox from last year, when we had 2003.  I brought up the original 2003 server because we still had it, it was just turned off.  I was able to create the RSG and restore to it.  The problem is that when I use Exmerge I receive this error message: Error opening message store (MSEMS). Verify that the microsoft exchange Information store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. (0x8004011d).

Now im aware that this should be a permissions issue.  So I created a new account and gave it domain admin rights.  I delegated Exchange Full Admin rights to it.  Then at the top level I added the new account with allowing everything, even the send and receive permissions.  The domain admin group as well has Allow for all permissions, even the send and receive. After Irestarting the services, that "should" have been enough to gain access to it, although I still cannot.  I even tried logging in with my user account which is a domain admin account and tried creating a PST from my mailbox account in the RSG, and could not either.

How can I create this PST, any ideas?  Like I said, this server has been turned off since the upgrade to Exchange 2010, and Im thinking our upgrade could be have an influence on our problem.  Its not like I can restore from the RSG to the Information store on 2003 because all mailboxes are moved over, and this user account  that i want to export to a PST was deleted when he was terminated a while ago.
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Is the server still a member of the domain, perhaps AD replication needs to occur to update user accounts?
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I followed all those articles to a ' T '.  Still does not work.  The original mailboxes no longer reside on this exchange server that I am having trouble with.  Could that pose an issue that the exchange mailbox I am trying to create a PST for no longer exists on the server?


If a mailbox is not connected to an Active Directory user account, ExMerge cannot log on to the mailbox and extract data from it. Although mailboxes in the recovery storage group are disconnected, they are logically linked to mailboxes in the original database by the msExchOrigMDB  attribute and the mailbox GUIDs. If a connected mailbox with the same GUID exists in that original database, the Exchange Server 2003 version of ExMerge can use that connection to access the appropriate mailbox and merge the recovered content into the original mailbox.

Looks like I have to call Uncle Billy.
This is the resolution to my problem.  As I suspected I am unable to properly and cleanly create a PST from an RSG when the Production Storage Group is empty.  Microsofts Work Around is to Point the Production Database to the EDB and STM file in the RSG.  This is my process.  There may be additional steps, but I am not Exchange Expert by any means, and this worked for restoring backup tape after backup tape.

For each restore from a backup tape:
1. Create an RSG and add the Database of the Storage Group you wish to restore.
2.  Mount and then directly dismount the database.
3. Perform the Restore of Exchange storage group.
4.  Locate the path of the EDB and STM file for the RSG by right clicking on the RSG Store and going to the DATABASE TAB.
5.  Open up the ADSIEdit in Support Tools.
6.  Drill down...   Configuration-->CN=Configuration-->CN=Services-->CN-->Organization (Ours was first organization)-->CN=Servers-->CN=Servername-->CN=InformationStore-->CN=Storage Group-->CN=MailboxStore.
7. Go to properties of Mailbox Store.
8. Locate the Attributes:   msExchEDBFile and msExchSLVFile and paste in the EDB file location into the first attribute and the STM file location in the SLV file location.
9.  Go Back to Exchange System Manager and make sure the Production Store is set to be overwritten.
10.  Mount the Production Store.
11.  Go in AD and create dummy accounts for the amount of PST's you are trying to restore.  I needed two users so I create two dummy accounts.  These accounts will hold the email.
12.  Go back to Exchange System Manager in the Production Store and reconnect the mailbox you wish to create a PST of to the dummy users you have selected.
13.  Now you should be able to follow through with Exmerge and choose the Production storage group and select your users you wish to create a PST for.
14.  Once the PST is created you can dismount all and rid of your accounts.  If you multiple tapes to restore, like I do, go into AD and remove the Exchange Attributes through Exchange Tasks.
15.  Then you can delete your RSG Store, but not the RSG Storage Group.  Create a New store.  (Make sure you remove all the old files.  It should not matter because it should be set to overwrite with a restore, but just to be on the safe side.  I experienced some problems by not removing the old files.  Plus they take up space if you just move them to a new folder.
16.  For multiple tape restores, repeat the process.

Again, There may have been a few shortcuts I could have done, but i was doing it the way M$ told me to do it and I didnt want to screw it up:)  Hope this helps someone besides me, I mean after all here is a $259 answer.

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