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Deleting DHCP leases, and impact of limit lease time

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So I am playing around with the DHCP in windows server 2008...

If i go in to the list of current leases, and delete a lease of the list, what does that do in reality? (as in does that mean that the next time this particular client tries to connect he will get the SAME or the first available 'free' address?)

What difference - in reality - does the amount of time for each lease make? like if i set the lease time to 1 minute, versus 1 week versus forever, what difference does that make?

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If you delete a lease, when that client renews at the end of their lease, they will get a different address.

The time is just how long the client waits until it checks in with the DHCP server to renew/update the IP it has. If you set it too low, you'll get too much extra traffic on your network. Usually people set it for 1 week, 1 day, etc.


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