Private VLAN on ESX Cluster

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Is it possible to setup an internal switch to a ESX Cluster?

What I want is the traffic be completely inaccessible from the main network.  However only machines attached to the virtual switch (a switch with no physical uplinks) can communicate with each other.  

I tried creating a switch on each of my hosts in the cluster and gave them the same name, however there is no communication from a VM on one host to a VM connected on another host.

What is the correct procedure for creating such a private network?

How would this traffic transverse the LAN to other hosts connected to the virtual switch, via the serivice console?
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you're going to struggle if they are on different machines.

best way would be to create a a new vswitch on each server and give it a VLAN number.  You will also need to configure your switches to trunk the VLAN id's.
I am certain that this cannot be achieved since an Internal Switch does not have an Active Network Adapter attached to it. When that's the case, Network Packets from one VM in a Port Group attached to the Internal vSwitch cannot communicate to the other VM on another Internal vSwitch even if they form part of the same cluster with the same naming convention being followed for a Port Group. answer was a bit vague.

create a new vswitch THAT HAS PHYSICAL NETWORK CARDS on each server and give it a VLAN number.  You will need to configure your switches to trunk the VLAN id's ON THE PORTS THAT YOUR ESX HOST IS CONNECTED TO.
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Shouldn't be a problem.  

Create a VLAN that is not routable, put VMs on it and make sure that they don't have several virtual nics straddling different VLANs.

Or configure a separate physical switch, a physical nic on each host and and connect to vswitch on each esx host.  This will give you layer2 access and keep things seaparate

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