how do i get my vmware working on my optiplex 755

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here is my scenario: I have an Optiplix 755 tower. It has a dual core 64 bit processor and 5GB of ram. I have installed vmware esxi 4.0 on it. I have installed 2 intel 1000GT nics. ESXi install went just fine. I can see both Nics just fine. I have installed vmware vsphere client to administer this box. I have created a datastore and a vm. I now need to install the OS on the vm but i cannot get the console to connect to the dvd rom. Nor can i browse to it. The console screen just boots to a screen that shows "PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM. Operating system not found."  I have the BIOS set to boot from cd/dvd rom so i'm not sure what i may be doing wrong.          
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where have you put the DVD that you want to boot off?

If it is in the Optiplex 755, when click on the CD icon with a spanner, choose connect to host device.

If it's in your local machine, when you click on the CD icon with a spanner, choose drive E: (or whatever your CD drive letter is).
you could copy the .iso to the datastore and then attach the virtual CDROM to it there.
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thanks guys. I have the dvd that i want to boot off in the dvd-rom of the optiplex. I have tried several ways. when i clcik on the cd icon that says 'connect/disconnect from the cd/dvd device' the hourglass goes away and i guess i'm connected but nothing happens. Even when i clcik on the cd icon it 'shows' me as connected but the console only shows what i have included on the attached doc.
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Make sure you CD/DVD hardware is pointing to the "Client" device. Right-click on the VM -> Edit Settings & select CD/DVD. On the right side make sure the 'Connected' & 'Connect at Power on' box is checked and 'Client Device' is selected. Click OK out of the window, place the DVD in the workstation  your using to logon with the vSphere Client, and power on your VM. It will then 'see' the OS DVD.

Can you go into the BIOS of the VM?  Make sure that the CDROM is the first thing listed in the boot order.
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FYI - He mentions that he did that in his orig post Bill :)


Have you verified that thsi dvd works on another vm or physical computer?  Can you try another dvd?
I've had lots of problems in the past with Dell DVD drives not reading OEM DVD's., etc. in the past. Dell techs have always blamed it on the Dell PowerDVD software. I'm not sold it always the cause. I think the Dell branded drives are plain junk. If you don't have another disk to try. Try a different approach.

Create an ISO image of the OS DVD on a different PC
Create a new datastore on your ESX(x) box and call it iso_images, or whatever
Use veeam fastscp to connect to the newly created datastore and copy up the iso image.
Edit your VM config to connect your cd/dvd drive to the iso image and start your VM.
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You can try to mount the dvd in your workstation drive. In this case select "Client device" for your drive. I always go into edit setting/options/boot options and select the checkbox to boot into bios next time. I do this only to give myself plenty of time to map the client device (which you can't connect with the vm powered off).

When you see the bios, click on the cd icon and map to the physical drive where you have the DVD.

Then go back to the bios screen, go to exit, and select exit without saving changes (if you select the default it will disconnect you DVD and you have to start over).

One thing to consider is that the Optiplex may only have a CD drive, and is thus incapable of booting from DVD! I ran into this recently with an old HP DL-something or another server and scratched my head for a while before determining it wasn't even a DVD drive :)

Good Luck

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