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Nice layout.
Good colour scheme.
Lots of pictures.


Sorry it doesn't excite me and that's bad news as I love water and have a swimming pool in my back garden.  Trust me, that's a big problem.

It doesn't make me want to come straight over there.

Where the hell are the videos??  It's a water park, it's all about movement, splashing and fun.  This web site isn't fun.


A great technically correct website, that, if you want a checklist of what is right in the manual, ticks a lot of the boxes.  What it is missing is passion.  There isn't any.  To go to a waterpark, you want to know that it is exciting, fun and entertaining.  An accountant would love this web site, kids won't give it a second look.  You're missing your audience completely.  Sorry guys.

This is very well done, and you've really covered just about everything. What's missing is a breadcrumb navigation. I had to use the back button to get from "anaconda and viper" under "featured attractions". The one thing I don't like in any website is getting lost. On a good, modern site one should never have to use the browser back button.

Under "Park Info" I would say "Park Info and Directions" as that's most important. The food selections should not be all caps and should have prices or at least a price range, and say where food is available (food court or all over the park).

Overall, an excellent job. Good info, pleasing colors/images; nice favicon (lots of folks forget that- good sign that you have it). Good job.
1. The progressive development of the home page grabbed my attention, as parts of the page opened one after the other.

2. I like the ease with finding "contact" and "home" without having to have a magnifying glass to find it. I went straight to the bottom to see what was there and found what I would expect.

My frequented websites are not that numerous. So, I have no constructive criticism, just telling you my initial reaction.

My mother wrote a book and she is 81 years old. She has a certain search term that comes up number one on Google.

You should experiment and find a way, if not already, to get on the first page of Google with a search.

I think it was attractive. I also think it was effective, maybe I am not as afraid to take my two kids to a waterpark anymore. With that statement alone, I think you may have achieved your objective.

The other side of my brain looked everywhere for your address. I kept going to the bottom of every page wondering if I would find your street address. I think this is important for those people who want to map directions on their own. Do you want people to call you if they have questions? If you do make your phone number easy to find. I am also wondering why you have two links to Facebook in the footer? If Facebook a big part of the marketing strategy, okay. If you really don't want to give away your valuable cyber real estate take away a button.

I thought your tab title "club ravine" was to sell annual passes. I clicked on it last because I thought that did not apply to me. Based on the fact that you placed it first, I think that is what you really want people to click on so you can get them engaged. Maybe you could call the tab "edeals" or the inventive, engaging name you have for your newsletter.

If you have glowing thank you letters or comments from visitors about the great time they had or the wonderful memories you helped create that might be good too.


Feedback received.  Thanks!

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