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We currently run GroupWise 7, we are migrating to Exchange 2010 but need to setup an Exchange 2003 server as the first server so that we can link GroupWise to the Exchange environment. The server that we are installing Exchange 2003 on to is a Windows 2003 sp2 Std. It is joined to a Windows 2008 R2 domain and forest.
I need to prep the forest before I install Exchange 2003 but have come across compatibility issues. On further reading it appears that there are issues with Exchange 2003 and windows 2008 DC's.
Is there a way round this? I only need the Exchange 2003 server whilst I migrate from GroupWise.
I am currently migrating our old domain from windows 2003 to the Windows 2008 domain/forest so I suppose I could use the 2003 domain/forest to host Exchange 2003 whilst performing the domain and link the 2 exchange servers 2003 and 2010 via a forest external trust? Sounds messy and potential for serious problems.
Any advice or pointers would be great.
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Ahmed AbdelbasetInfrastructure Architect

No way to do that.
Infrastructure Architect

I would say you can leave windows 2003 domain and install exchange 2003 with latest service pack, then add install exchange 2010 starting with Client Access server and configure Co-existance between Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 and after all mail migrated to Exchange 2003 then do the transition to Exchange 2010 . after that you can add one domain controller 2008 and move FSMO roles and do all other services migration .

I recommend before going to do any mogration step to make a healthy backup .


Jian An LimSolutions Architect
Top Expert 2016
there is another method from groupwise 7 to exchange 2010 is use quest groupwise migrator for exchange.

although it can be costly but this is the simplist way to go directly from groupwise to exchange

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