Viewing internal names of SharePoint Lists.

Edward Joell
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I need to be able to view all the internal names in a SharePoint List so I can troubleshoot the problems with a CAML query on the list.  The internal names in this query bear no relationship to the Display names so adding hexidecimal representations of spaces etc. will do no good.  I have tried clicking on each and every god forsaken field in the list in Column edit, but still have not found the sought for field.  I am as certain as I can be without proof that the field I am searching for this time is one of the system created fields (FileDirRef), but I can't examine the contents of this field in the list until I know its display name, and I haven't be able to discover that.  Even if I discover that, I don't want to go through this each and everytime I am trouble shooting an unknown CAML query, so it comes down to I need a way to get a list of the internal field names of sharepoint lists.  There should be something built into sharepoint!
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My boss wrote an htm file that uses Javascript and the SPAPI library to iterate through the fields of a list.  The filed that I was looking for has a display name of Path (how are you supposed to find something like that from the display name?!!?).  So I can use his app to find the information I need and not have to worry about Microsoft's poor application design.

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