SQL Server Service Failure Recovery

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Is there any reason why one should not change the "Recovery" options for the SQL Server service?  It appears that the default action for all failures is "Take No Action".  Is there any reason why that after the first service failure the service cannot be restarted?

As I type this I wonder if not every failure is a catastrophic service ending failure.  If a minor error could trigger a restart, I could see why this should be avoided.

Thanks In Advance!

- Michael
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what if the subsequent restarts fail .. in that case there will be an infinite fails and restarts making the server busy..



The service properties allow you to select the action to take on the first, the second, and then any subsequent failures (see attached).  The subsequent failures is definately something to really think about before implementation, but trying to restart once or twice shouldnt have a negative impact on overall system performance... and may actually get the failed service restarted.


- Michael
You are right

the first thing you do when SQL SERVER is down is try to start it again .

I say go for it !!

Guy H

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