Best Practices for DNS,DFS,AD, file sharing over VPN

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I am looking to get an idea of what is generally done in the following scenario:

Two sites, main and remote.
One domain
VPN is up
DNS and AD are replicating fine
Sites are segregated in Sites and Services
Exchange is working fine for the remote site
DCDIAG shows no issues at either remote or main site.
This is the first time I'm working with two sites so I'm surprised that everything is working fine after only some minor wrangling.

I have a logon script that maps file shares. The file shares exist at the main location. When I am at the remote location and browsing these shares it is excruciatingly slow. This problem also exists for my roaming profile users that bounce between sites. We have the fastest DSL business class connection at both sites so I think my next step up is a Metro-E or T1. That might turn out to be prohibitively expensive so in the meantime my users are using TS to connect to the main site. This is less than ideal.

One of my (probably misguided) ideas is to insert a file server at the remote location and add a DFS share to the main and remote file servers that includes all the files the users will need.

I need some advice other than get a faster internet connection! Thank you!

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An option you may want to consider is using branchcache. This is a major improvement for remote businesses that access files. It is used with Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. With Branchcache, files and websites can be cached on a file server at remote locations.

in my opinion your thinking along the right lines by adding a local resource file server to the remote connection.  Keeping the traffic to a minimum on the WAN will improve the user experience.

The problem appears to be the VPN connection:

I think your MTU settings are not correct on the tunneling adapters.
Any class DSL over VPN for site-to-site connections isn't really ideal. The ideal fix would be to invest in a T1 circuit or Frame Relay, which ever is most cost effective for the distance.

I agree with other in that to "get by" you could use a form of caching the share at the sites. There are some technologies available that can do this, such as BranchCache® or Riverbed®.

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