Wireless over a 1175' max distance... antenna choice?

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I've been tasked with figuring out a solution to get wireless signal to a few light poles for surveillance cameras.  

I've got distances figured out: 320' and 1175' for the two poles with line-of-sight.  I plan on bridging the connection to antennas at these poles for the other spots which are both roughly 500' away from the line-of-sight poles.

I'm a bit worried about choosing an antenna for 1175' with a reasonable data rate for good quality video from the cameras.  I've found a "2.4GHz Square GRID Parabolic Antenna 15 dBi " I assume that a pair, aimed at each other, would provide decent data rates?  They say the distance is .75 miles, where the 1175' is .225 miles.

I'll power it from a "Meru OAP180 Rugged Access Point" and a 4' cable.

Is this a good choice?  Are there other considerations?
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I have in use, currently covering 1500' (line-of-site): Netgear 14dBi Directional Antenna (ANT24D18) on both ends, with a 25' cable from the bridge on one end and a 50' cable on the other.  I used two Asus WL-500gP V2  modded with DD-wrt.

Took a few days to prep the routers and about 4 hours to install everything else.


What sort of data rates do you get?

Did you ground the antennas?
I know I should have grounded the antennas, but I have not had any issues yet (knock on wood).

I haven't tested it because of lack of knowledge in what programs etc to use....

But I just transferred a 1 GB file in just about 8 minutes (pulling from a system on the other side)

(I don't remember if it always took that long or not)

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