Dell 2161 DS-2 PowerEdge KVM switch password?

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I just installed a Dell 2161 DS-2 KVM switch. From the console, everything works fine. I configured it with an IP address and I installed the RCS software on my pc which is on the same subnet. When I launched the RCS software, i added the device by pointing it to the 2161's IP address. It found the device no problem. But when I try to launch either the switch through the Remote Console Switches tab or any of the visible servers on the Servers tab, it prompts me for a password and nothing seems to work. I tried all combo's of admin, blank, password, etc to no avail. Is there a special default password this uses? I couldn't find anything in the documentation. When i tried it via a browser, I get a Dell secreen and another password prompt that I can't get past. Any help would be appreciated.

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I know on their DRAC units it uses "root" as the user name

The pdf states that there is no default password (for the console login) with "Admin" (case sensitive - page numbered 75; 92 on the pdf doc)

page 44 is not very encouraging mentioning if you lose your password contact Tech Support....


The guy we got it from said it was "admin" and it was in fact "Admin". I came across that same thing after i downloaded the users manual.

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