Failed to create a trust - "The specified account already exists." - when creating new domain tree

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Gang, I am trying to create a new domain tree in my windows 2003 forest. Mid way through the Dcpromo process  I'm receiving the following error at the netlogon portion of the promo:

The operation failed because:

Failed to create a trust with domain on the parent domain controller \\

"The specified account already exists."

Im thinking this is a DNS issue? Does anyone have specific instructions as to how DNS must be configured when joining a member server as a new domain  etc  ?
The active Directory team was unsuccessful at providing a solution. Im hoping you  will be able to resolve.
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Check the domain for a machine or user account with the same name as the new domain.   If you find one, rename or delete the account.


Wow you were dead on man! There was a machine with the same name as the "NEW DOMAIN" I was creating. You rock !!!
Another thumbs up.  in this case, an old long-decommissioned COMPUTER NAME in the old domain matches the NetBIOS name of the new domain.

Regarding duplicate usernames - how about users like Administrator, and other built-in AD accounts?

Are those somehow exempted?

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