E200i RAID controller Array Expansion

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Hi Guys,

I have a HP ML350G5 Server with a E200i RAID controller & 4 x disks in RAID5.

I've added another disk to the server, run the HP array configuration utility & expanded the array to take advantage of the additional storage.

I did believe that this would expand my array with the additional space but in Disk Manager it is being displayed as unallocated space.

Is there a way of merging the partition & unallocated space or do I need to use a 3rd party application?

Many thanks in advance.
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What you have seen is perfectly normal - you need to extend the windows partition

What OS have you got installed on the server?

Some versions of Windows will allow you to extend the partitions.

From a command prompt, type in DISKPART.

From there you can use the EXTEND command to extend the partition.


Hi Jake, Its Windows Server 2003. Many thanks for the feedback.
2003 or 2003 R2?  Not that it would make any difference.  

If the additional space needs to be added to the C:\ drive then you will need to do it from a boot disk.  If it's any other drive than the OS drive, you don't need to do it from a boot disk.

You will need to select the disk, then the partition before running the extend command.
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Awesome thanks Jake, will give it a go tomorrow.
make sure you take the obvious precautions...as in backups etc :)


Many thanks all!

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