How to create a service account in AD

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Can someone please tell me how to create a service account (for SQL Server 2008 for example) in the Windows 2008 Active Directory? Is it using Active Directory Users and Computers tool only? Are there any differences between a normal user account and a service account creation?
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Service accounts are just like any other user account.  You should develop standards for them though.  A common practice is to remove them from the Domain Users group (create a special group "service Accounts" and set their primary membership there).  THis will prevent them from being used to log into a desktop or server unless the server has explicitily granted permissions to the account.  
No difference when you are creating the accounts.
Check below links if help you.

1. Setting Up Windows Service Accounts

2. Selecting an Account for the SQL Server Agent Service

3. How to: Set the Service Startup Account for SQL Server Agent


If you're going to use kerberos authentication it may also be worth taking a look at the following:
A service account is a user account that is created explicitly to provide a security context for services running on Microsoft Windows Server.

One more link to Create a Service Account in windows. 


Thank you for your information. Oops..... I have actually created it in the Service Accounts and tried to use it in the SQL Server 2008 Cluster installation. I was giving wrong password as Caps Lock was enabled at the time the account was created. So, I have asked this question. Now I have recreated the account and it is working fine now.

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