Virtual Disk Error: Reason: The specified virtual disk needs repair

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I'm running a Vista Virtual Machine using VMWare Workstation.  My host operating system is Windows 7 Enterprise.  
I got a blue screen error on my host while I was using my VM.  When I rebooted my machine, the host runs fine.  However, my VM won't run anymore.  I get the following error:

Cannot open the disk 'E:\VM-Vista.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
Reason: The specified virtual disk needs repair.

I have looked online at a lot of articles on this and VMWare is not being helpful.  

If I can't get the VM to run, I would at least like to get the files out.  Any ideas on getting it to run or getting the files out would be greatly appreciated!
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I would like to know whether you had any snapshots for this VM.
There is an option to map offline VMDK files within VMware Workstation, located under the File Menu once VMware Workstation is launched. This utility would map the VMDK file as a Windows Partition, after which you can backup the data from the VMDK file.
If this does not help, then try running the vCenter Converter Standalone to merge all the Snapshots into a single VMDK file and then try using the utility again to backup the data on the VMDK
Have you tried mapping the vmdk file in Workstation file/map or disconnect virtual disks?  At least you could pull out the files
I recommend that you use Virtual box instead of VMware, and i hope once you map the VD those may work fine.


Thanks for the suggestions.  We were able to map to the drive with VMPlayer and run it from there.  Shut it down and now it opens.  
For some reason... the installed programs and desktop have reverted back to a different time, but all the files are there.

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