Draytec Vigor3300, static Address allocation.

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Hi All,
        My client has a Draytec Vigor 3300. They have 3 ADSL lines into the building and load balancing has been enabled. The client wants to take once of the external ADSL liness and assign it to the internal BES server on

Will i need to drop a line from the Wan loadbalancing then work on a NAT translation on the removed line? Im sure it cant be that hard.. its nice and easy on a cisco ASA

Thanks in advance
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Yes remove any load balancing you have or reduce to the minimum level. You could also set the load balance policy up for the internal bes server.
On the draytek try Advanced tab > NAt > address mapping that should do the trick. - se;ect protocol All then pick the public IP
Or even better !!!
Advanced - nat - DMZ host. - select the wan  then enter the private ip, it will let you even select an IP alial if your ISP was nice enough to give more than one IP.

Hope this makes sense.



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