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I am wondering if there is a free solution out there for remote support for an iPad\iPhone. I am also wondering about Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile. I know that logmein and the like can do this, but it costs about 2000 a year per user. I only need this occasionally so I dont want to have to pay 2K, but usually it is for the owner or such of a client so I do need to find some solution.

I already use a client based remote support for desktops and servers, and use UltraVNC for computers with no client.

Anyone know of a solution for all or any smartphone OSs?
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I use it to control Macs and PC from my iPad. It works very well and the paid version allows file transfer.
i am looking to support an iPad from a desktop. And I am looking for a free piece of software.

Logmein is free.
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and you can use it to control the iPad?
Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead Engineer
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I am looking for an application that will be launched from a PC to gain remote access to an iPad or iPhone.

Install Veency on your iPad (Must be jailbroken) and you must be on the same network with your iPad so you or your iPad could use VPN to accomplish this.
That looks interseting. Seems there is nothing else though that would not require a jailbroken IPad or iPhone?
I am not sure of anything else for free.

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