Many Different Stop errors in Windows XP - Points to memory problem.

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Hey guys!
Months ago I replaced a cpu in my computer with the help of you guys! I had many problems there since my motherboard didn't allow to run the ram in the fastest available option(166hz).
The old post is here.

Recently my computer started (again) to give me a lot of BSOD. the problems vary and most common one is: 0x00000C5 \ 0x000000C2 - BAD_POOL_CALL. I read on the internet that it means that a driver of some kind is trying to access to a memory that does not exist or already in use, or something like that.

I checked the memory with "Windows Memory Diagnostic" cd (I burned specifically for this) and no errors were found. So I am guessing it is not the ram.
I tried removing the video card (voodoo 3 - old, I know :) ) but still the errors appear.

The errors mostly appear when I go online to sites that use flash... I have no idea why.
I tried updating the flash software but that either didn't help to solve the problem.

I formated my computer and right now trying to install windows xp sp2, but everytime I am right about to finish the installation (before the automatic restart) I get another BSOD.
The errors is: 0x00000050 (0xD6FD3000,0x0000000,0x0000000,0x0000000) - PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

When I try to restart the setup again(Restarting the computer) I get another BSOD: 0x0000000A (0xFEFD7000,0x00000002,0x00000000,0x804F6C1E), again and again...

I tried disabling the L1 and L2 Catch but it does not move for about hours. So installation like this is not a possibility...
Does anyone have any idea how to go on from here?!

Thanks a lot guys!

here is a link to my current status of Bios settings:
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It is probably time to get a newer computer....

Do you have replacement parts?


I bought a new one! but I need this one for my little brother.

And yeah I have some left.
Any suggestion what I should replace? could the hd cause this problem?  
It could be from a bad hard drive.  You can usually get drive tools from the manufacturer's website to test it.

Also make sure you don't have any breaks in the cables to the hard drive... (especially PATA "IDE")


Ok I changed the ram, still same problem.
I Installed windows on another HDD and disconnected the other HDD and now I was able to install windows fluently.
How could these errors suggest a bad HDD?
sounds very weird to me... I will check it for a little while to see that it's ok and the stop errors won't return and then come back here and report!

Thanks a lot DK guru! I have been working on that computer for the whole day!


Error persists...
I got twice Stop error while browsing the web and updating windows.
0x0000000A (0xFEFD7000,0x00000002,0x00000000,0x804F6C1E)
same error that previously prevented me from installing windows.... :\

Any Ideas what could be wrong?

All I can think of is the motherboard... :\

check if the ram is compatable with motherboard


I don't see why not.
that ram was with the computer for years and worked fine...


I tried speeding up the ram and changed the preferences to 133/166/33mhz that caused the same problem i had in the other question I asked here, 0x0000008E.
Afterwords I changed back to 133/133/33mhz and got BSOD: 0x00000051 (Registry Error I think) during loading of windows.
then when I load windows I get: 0x00000050 constantly.

If I try to load it in safe mode I get: 0x0000008E.

So now windows won't even load.



To help restor/repair your system you may find this link useful>

When you get Windows to load again, see if there's a minidump created.
They are normally located in
or  %systemroot%\minidump\

You may need to disable auto restart:
Right click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery Settings and uncheck Automatically Restart.

The reason for many different Stop errors could also be due to a flakey/unstable power supply, or faulty motherboard capacitors.    
Have you got a spare power supply of "at least the same current rating" as the existing unit?

Also with an older computer, capacitor failures appears to be the main cause of motherboard failures.
"The capacitor plague....":


hey guys,
sry for the late replay, I am in the army and I don't have much time at home...

1.I read:
But I don't see any reason why I should repair my windows. I don't mind reinstalling it all over again...

2. I checked all the capacitors on the motherboard and they all seem ok.

3. I don't currently have another power supply but I think I might be able to get one this week, just to test it. Will try it out.

4. About the DIsk Boot Failure Insert System Disk, I just plugged the other HDD I have. I ran tests on it and fomatted it using the supplied "Data Diagnostic" from the manufacturer's website.
 and it says everything is ok, I checked the cables connecting the HDD to the motherboard and it's all plugged in fine.

5. I tried again to install windows and a few minutes into the copying stage I got this error:
First time:
Technical Information:
Stop: 0x0000050 (0xBF7F0020, 0x00000001,0x8086E1C6,0x0000002)

Second try:
Stop: 0x00000050(0xD4893250, 0x000001,0xF741BFF6,0x0000000)
ntfs.sys - Address F741BFF6 base at F741A000, Data stamp 41107eea

Third Try, same error as the second.

All of the errors occur during copying the files from the disc to the HDD.

So here is what I did so far:
1. I checked the memory + replaced it ,and still got the errors.
2. I checked the HDD for errors using the software from the manufacturer's website and got no errors.
3. I checked that all cables are connected ok, and they are.
4. I checked that there are no capacitors that exploded or something like that, and there aren't.
Now what I did was:
5. I used another windows version to see maybe the disc is not ok. The version I first used was Windows XP sp2 ( I installed this version ok on another laptop), and now I used Windows XP sp1, and was able to install it with no problems.
only when I surfed the net a little bit I got an error but I am not sure if the problem will consist so I will check how it works the next week.

I simply have no idea where all this is coming from.

Thanks a lot for the help!


Hey again,

After I installed windows my brother played some flash games and watched some flash movies and suddenly BSOD:

STOP: 0x00000c2 (0x00000007,0x00000CD4,0x0000000,0xE234c250)

What the hell is wrong with my computer?! Could it be the CPU itself? are there any diagnostics I can do to my CPU to check if it has problems?


I tested my cpu using "CPU Stability Test 6" and it says my system is unstable - screenshot is included.

So according to this program my cpu fails in TCache. What does it mean?
Does it mean my CPU is defected? Motherboard? or both?

Thanks again,
FirElem3n7 :)


Thanks for the feedback ....sorry couldn't reply before as been off line since 19 July  :/  
Have re-read your two threads & can see that you've had quite a few problems with this machine... the last Stop error appears to be due to a faulty driver, see here for details>

A kernel-mode process or driver incorrectly attempted to perform memory operations. Typically, a faulty driver or buggy software causes this.

i presume there is only One RAM?  
If yes , have you trieed reseating it in another RAM socket?

Have you also tried updating all appropriate drivers, and a System Restore to a time before the most recent batch of Stop errors?

It would be greatly beneficial if you could still find me a minidump (& preferably at least three) so that a WinDbg check could be made on them may well tell us which driver may be corrupted, IF that is the reason:

Normally located in
or %systemroot%\minidump\

There is a MS Driver Verifier which may be useful.  Its operation is described quite clearly here>
"Troubleshooting drivers with XP's hidden Driver Verifier Manager":

You could try the XP in-built Driver Verifier to isolate and troubleshoot a driver>
"Using Driver Verifier to identify issues with Windows drivers for advanced users":

Another option may be this "free to try" link>

Useful instructions for Drive Verifier.  Please note that they're written for Vista & Windows 7, but Instruction 2. is suitable for XP:

Please let us know how you progress ...thanks...


hey Jonvee!
Thanks for the reply! :)

I have had many problems since I changed the CPU from Celeron to Intel. I thought It might be the CPU but it worked for some time... :\

1. Before I managed to install windows correctly I tried to change the ram socket and also tried to replace the ram, with no success.
2. I didn't try to restore my system, I just didn't mind installing windows all over again... I thought it will solve the problem since that computer is usually used by my 5 year old brother and I thought he did something to it - even though I allowed him only the Guest account.
3. I tried updating the drivers before, but it seem to cause a lot of problems before, so I just changed the drivers back and a few weeks later the stop errors returned. I used "Driver Genius Professional Edition" to update the drivers correctly and to know what drivers are not up-to-date.
4. I uploaded the minidump.
5. I used the Driver Verifier (Testing ALL drivers!) and got BSOD:
Stop: 0xD1(0x8EEF4A48,0x2,0x1,0xF77300F3)
Aegisp.sys - Address F77300F3 base at F772F000, Datastamp 42a9a3e0

I checked what Aegisp.sys and it seems to be related to my Wireless network adapter: 
I then disabled the verifier in safe mode, restarted my computer, deleted the driver and software, installed the latest software from the manufacturer's website and tried the verifier again (Testing ALL drivers!) - > 

this time, I didn't get BSOD during loading of windows!

I didn't destable the verifier, did two restarts to the computer and tried to open a website,
STOP: 0XC1(0X90314FC0,0X50,0X40,0X21)


1. I did a restart, opened IE, , now ok.
2. opened my computer  and again, BSOD: SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEMORY_CORRUPTION
STOP: 0xC1(0x90F6EEC1,0x150, 0x146, 0x21)
3. durimg startup, same error. another restart.
4. I took all the dump and uploaded it.
5. I tried to update all the drivers using Drivers Genius and now I get: BAD_POOL_CALLER 0xc2 :|
6. I used the website of Driver Agent to find what drivers needs to be updated and updated most of them.
there were 3 drivers I wasn't able to update (I used the files the site suggested me).I am seriously thinking of throwing  that computer away! if only I had money for a new computer... :(
I also got 0xC2 error...
Do you have any idea how can I tell what driver causes this problem? I didn't understand how to do it from the first link.

there is only 1 driver that is with a question mark, "Realtek AC97 audio". I downloaded the drivers but it still won't install.

The "Doc" file attached is a rar file containing the dump files, just change the extension.

Thanks ...but unsuccessful so far in trying to change the extension on your minidump file ....will keep trying....

From your report it does appear to be a driver problem, but not sure which one.
Meanwhile you may want to try checking/updating the latest chipset and video drivers.

This link may help further>

>> "Realtek AC97 audio". I downloaded the drivers but it still won't install << 
You could try uninstalling the previous version of the driver before going for the update.

The ideas here may also help>
"Realtek AC97 audio driver package 4.06":

Further thoughts.... if you tried to open your minidump before posting it here file corruption could have occurred, so i'm assuming you didn't?   :)

Can you possibly send the dump as a text file pls?

Even if i can get the minidump renamed, WinDbg may well indicate that the problem is related to your wireless network adaptor, so best to continue looking at the Realtek driver issue.

Good luck ...have to logoff shortly as it's approaching midnight over here.

Succeeded in opening your dump file & found 8 minidumps, but the WinDbg results were very varied & ~could~ be due to hardware failure.  
However although one dump was corrupted, two others were due to AegisP.

Another option is to try an older driver...this has been known to work before!

Also, as you've already checked out the RAM, another possibility is HDD corruption.
You could try the appropriate diagnostic>
"Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities":


Hey Jonvee!

"This link may help further>
---> I Went to Intel's website and did an automatically search for updates to my software and the result was as in the pic included.

I also went to nVidia site, did automatic search for drivers, downloaded then and installed them.

"Also, as you've already checked out the RAM, another possibility is HDD corruption."
--->I checked the ram and the HDD. There were no problems in both. Will recheck the Ram again though.

"Another option is to try an older driver...this has been known to work before!"
--->I used an older driver first(The one that came in the cd) and then updated it. Both of then Gave me problems. Should I try and search for an even older driver?

">> "Realtek AC97 audio". I downloaded the drivers but it still won't install << 
You could try uninstalling the previous version of the driver before going for the update."

---> I did it before but will try again. Btw that package is the package I used to install it before. while trying to install it i got two problems.
first, when installing it using the setup.exe installer in the pack my computer got BSOD with 0xc2 error.
I restarted windows, uninstalled what was installed from the package and then used the "Device Manager" to reinstall it. When it finished it said that windows "Can't start this device(Code 10)"(translation from Hebrew).
Right now I am trying to use windows without installing it. I will see what happens...  
maybe I will use an older version. Right now I think it is best to not install drivers that *might* cause this problem...

btw, my windows is fully updated...

I will try to get Avanquest Fix-It Utilities Pro. And see if that software can help me solve the problem....

Anymore ideas m8? :(
I am really lost here... :\


>>Should I try and search for an even older driver?<<
Not really advisable.

>>Right now I think it is best to not install drivers that *might* cause this problem<<
i agree up to a point, but did you see this particular page>

"NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400":

Incidently thanks for the last update .... it's an interesting problem but we do seem to be running out of options!

Also it depends upon how much leave you have remaining (from the army), how much time you're willing to invest in the machine, and whether you get any more comments from this zone .....have you actually considered posting your question in an additional zone, most questions can be posted in up to three?  

By clicking the "Request Attention" strip at the start of this thread you can contact a Moderator & make an appropriate 'help' request  ....naturally i'll monitor your progress if you do, & contribute if i can.

Whatever you decide, good luck  :)


Thanks alot for the replays!

I am currently don't have much options...

Since I don't have a lot of money and I really want my brother to enjoy the computer, I am willing to invest a lot in that computer. I will try posting the same question on another zone, didn't really think of it before since this is the most appropriate one.

For everyone joining us right now, let me summarize what's wrong with my computer and where I am right now:

The computer keeps giving me various BSOD.
My computer consists of:
Processor:     Intel Pentium 4 2.6ghz  
Motherboard: EliteGroup L4S5MG3/GX+ (V5.0)
Memory:         1gb DDR ram.
Video Card:   NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX
HDD:               Western Digital 40gb
Cd-Rom:         _NEC_ dvd burner.

At my disposal I have laying around:
2 sticks of 256mb ram.
1 Celerom 2.4ghz processor.
1 HDD 40gb Maxtor.
1 Windows xp sp1 cd
1 Windows xp sp2 cd

I recently (again) made a full format and reinstalled windows xp sp1, windows installed ok.
While windows was running I got a BSOD screen with errors: 0x50 \ 0x8E.
I didn't install ANYTHING beyond windows xp sp1. Not a single driver.

Current speed of the processor (changed in the bios): 133/133/33hz.

- I tested the HDD for problems using the tools provided by the manufacturer's website. There weren't any problems with it.
- I tested the RAM using "Windows Memory Diagnostic tool" several times. At one time it did 6 runs of full testings with no problems and one time it gave me an error.
- Before I reinstalled for the 30th time windows xp I tested the processor using a software called: "CPU Stability Test v6". The results are posted in this post (or here).
- Dump files of just before I reinstalled Windows for the last time can be found in this post as a file attachment.
- Before I reinstalled Windows for the last time I also tried updating drivers using "Driver Genius" but that didn't solve the problem untill I wasn't able to load windows, so I reinstalled windows, again.
- Important thing to note is my last post I made - many years ago I had Intel Pentium 2.6ghz(or 2.4\2.8, can't remember) - which worked fine. I then one time cleaned the computer from the inside and forgot to tight the fan. The result - The CPU got toasted.
I took my computer to a lab and they replace it with Celerom 2.4ghz processor. I then bought Intel Pentium 4 2.6ghz   and reinstalled it. I had many problems with it, which are in my post.

I have no idea where to go from here,
any help will be greatly appreciated!

thanks for reading,

Jonvee, I added here something new - the ram results which are very weird!


Few more things I forgot to mention:
- I tried replacing the ram and ram slots, didn't help.
- I tried seeking for capacitors that blow up or something, there aren't any.
- I tried replacing the CPU to the celeron and the computer won't even load. The screen is black when I change it. Only when I changed back to the intel Pentium one, it loaded.

Thanks ....some more ideas >

Presume you are not overclocking the Intel CPU ?  

From the computer's past history there may yet be a repeat problem with the CPUs...again i presume that any dust build up, or CPU fan problem, has long since been dealt with?

An important point, is the CPU well thermally pasted to it's heat sink's important?!

I've never used this CPU test before, but it's free, & may prove your CPU's serviceability>

One other thought ...we don't appear to have mentioned the power supply unit.  A flakey supply can cause numerous problems including BSODs!   Maybe you can obtain a spare which has sufficient current carrying capacity.

>>the ram results which are very weird<<
i agree, normally just ONE failured test scan is sufficient to reject a RAM this case, i.m not sure.

But memtest86+  v4.00 is usually considered the most reliable tester>


The speed is 133/133/33mhz. If I were to use the 166/166 mhz then it would be oveclocking...

I haven't seen any dust build up and all the fans are working properly.. and yes, what happened to the first cpu will not happen again. the fan is correctly tightened to the cpu.

I didn't use any thermic paste with the cpu. Both it and the cooling thing above him are tightened with nothing between them. could this cause the problem?

The cpu test u suggested is the cpu test I used and uploaded the results to here...

I will try obtaining a spare power supply, though it will be a little hard :)
I am now testing the memory using memtest. I will post the results afterwards :)

thanks again :D

For an accurate result you need to run at least three scans using memtest86.

No thermal paste between CPU and heatsink...Hmm, possible, but somehow doesn't sound quite right!

Its extra work, but you may want to checkout the CPU temperature.
One of these packages should do the trick>

"Motherboard Monitor..":


Here's the maximum temperatures for a few CPUs ...
"THE HEATSINK GUIDE: Maximum CPU temperature and maximum CPU power usage":


Memtest worked for 13+ hours with no errors. so I am guessing the ram is ok.
I will try to install one of the packages you gave me. the problem is that my windows does start right now. everytime I start it I get BSOD...

btw, I read in the site you gave me that the Pentium 4 processors just get slow when they are overheated. before I kept getting the current BSOD before windows start I just got a black screen like windows is trying to operate, maybe it's this.
I will check the settings in the BIOS and change then to restart my computer when the cpu is overheated, that might give me a clue...


From the Bios:
- CPU Core voltage: 1.45v
- CPU Temp: 56c
- CPU fan speed: 3668 RPM

There is nothing in your results to indicate a problem.

Have you anything further to report please?


No. results say the temp is ok...
I will change the motherboard and the cpu to see if that's the problem. Will take me some time to get the parts... It has to be one of them.
Request we keep this thread open until FirElem3n7 acquires a raplacement mobo &/or CPU.  
He has regularly updated us to this point so i'm assuming there's a genuine component delay.
Suggest we re-appraise in another 21 days.... thanks.


Hey guys,
I came back after a long time to update you on what has happened.
After all my tries, nothing worked. My parents got angry and wanted it to be fix ASAP. I didn't manage to get the parts needed to check everything. I managed to get a working CPU from one of my friends but I don't know why, the computer wasn't able to start properly! (didn't load).

I eventually took my computer to a computer lab, they thought it was my Motherboard. They replaced it and then returned it to me. Working on it a little bit I saw that the problem repeats itself(Yes, I paid for the new motherboard!). That meant only one thing! CPU!

I thought maybe my problem is also with the cpu. I took the same cpu i mentioned above and put it in on my new motherboard and everything worked fine, at last.

I think the problem was both the CPU and the motherboard. I am not that sure about the motherboard since with the old one I wasn't able to load my friend's CPU, but oh well... At least the problem was solved!

Thanks a lot everyone!
And special thanks for you Jonvee!

You've done an excellent job getting that machine to work for your brother, i'm glad you've finally made it!  
Thanks again for the feedback, it's been an interesting challenge!
Good luck ...

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