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I have a Win2k8 R2 server serving as RDS and RDS licensing server and everything is working fine. I added another Win2K8 R2 server with the RDS role enabled. But this server is unable to obtain the RDS CALs from the licensing server. The licensing diagnosis on the 2nd server is able to recognize the licensing server and didn't show any error. The only thing I can see is this error message in the event viewer.

The RD Licensing grace period has expired and the service has not registered with a license server with installed licenses.  A RD Licensing server is required for continuous operation.  A Remote Desktop Session Host server can operate without a license server for 120 days after initial start up.

I added the 2nd server to the terminal server computers local group in the license server but that didn't make any difference. Changing the discovery scope on the licensing server from this domain to forest didn't help either.

We have a 2003 AD and both RDS servers are member servers.

Any other suggestion?
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On the RDS Session Host Manager I think you can set there how the RDS SH will find a licensing server. Have you tried forcing it to look for that particular NetBIOS name or IP address (of the machine where RDS Licensing is installed, activated and running)?

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I tired netbios name, FQDN and IP, no of them make any difference. I also install the RD licensing manager onto the 2nd RDS server and it was unable to connect to the licensing server. One thing I did is I purposely change the licensing mode on the 2nd RDS server from per user to per device and it seems that it could recognize the per user configuration on the licensing server and complain about the misconfiguration.
Did you add the neew TS to the Terminal Server Computers AD group?
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I did, but it wasn't helping. The thing is the license diagnosis tool on the 2nd RDS server  did show the correct number of CALs\AD domin\licensing mode. This 2nd RDS server was setup more than 5 months ago and until recently I configured it to use the CALs from the license server because it had passed it's default 120 grace period.

The other thing is the RD licensing manager (installed in the 2nd RDS server) is unable to connect to the licensing server.


Not sure if this was caused by the passed grace period. The specified license server option is grayed out (unable to modify the license server) under the RD session host configuration.
I removed and re-installed the RDS role and that fixed the problem. Thanks

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