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Toshiba BIOS Password Removal

borgmember used Ask the Experts™
Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite here model L455D-S5976

The customer set a BIOS password for both its settings and boot then forgot it. I need to remove it so we can use the laptop again. This system looks new and does not have a parallel port or serial port.

Any help is appreciated.

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from what i understand what you  do is hold down the #0 and then power the computer on and it should prompt you for the password reset... give that a try and let me know



When I hold the 0 key down and then power on it loads the screen slower but still goes directly to the password box.


I had seen that site before but only tried "Toshiba" from it. I tried all of the combos for Phoenix bios's with no results :(

The system will wait at the Toshiba screen if I hold down the left shift key. As soon as I release it the password box appears.
have you tried to open the laptop up and look for the bios reset jumper? it is usually located near the bios chip or bios battery. If you find it simply removing it or if there and three pins then shift the jumper over one pin then re locate it and then boot up and the bios will be reset to the factory defualt. However not all Laptops have this on the motherboard, so it may not be an option.
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I suspect it is time for the Toshiba agent.  You'll need proof of ownership.

See here http://www.buzzard.me.uk/toshiba/passwords.html
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You can't remove the password, without knowing it !
modern laptops keep it in a security chip - for anti-theft reasons
resetting the bios does not help;  nor does removing the battery, since the password is not in there
you would need to know in what chip it is, and how to reset that
you have to turn it in to the manufacturer, and show proof of ownership - then they can help
or replace the mobo !

for toshiba, i found this :  http://askiris.toshiba.com/ToshibaTCL/search.do;jsessionid=038C409E335EBD93E6F50BD518AB23A5?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=http--web1toshibaca-support-TechSupport-TSBs-ALL--TSB000593htm&sliceId=&dialogID=114474125&stateId=1%200%20114472796


I will call the customer and recommend that they call and deal with Toshiba directly. I will keep this post updated. Thanks for all of the advice so far!


Client guessed the password on his own after a few days! I awarded points to who I thought gave the correct answer should be not have remembered the password.