Affordable biometric or finger-print door lock with additional key access for emergencies

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Hi there, I live in Europe and I have a steel door fitted. I'd like to implement an access control system or integrated door lock system so that I can enter my home by swiping my finger or through a retina scanner. I'd also like to create profiles for my friends so that they can enter the house as well if they need to.

do you know of an affordable make / model that would achieve my objectives?
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I believe that the 1 Touch IQ2 would meet your needs. It retails for $199.00 US.

It has the ability to store up to 36 user's fingerprint and features a dimple cut key as a backup. One thing I have found is that most biometric locks also include pin code access. While you can setup the lock to accept pins, you don't have to.

I haven't personally used this model but I have used the 1 Touch XL which is made by the same company. The 1 Touch XL was a very well built lock that works great to this day. I have had 2 of these in use (for server rooms) for about 2 1/2 years now.

The only thing I would additionally recommend is that no matter what biometric lock you decide to go with, purchase some rechargeable batteries for it, or use some of the batteries made for high tech devices as they seem to drain slower.

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