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I am looking to find out some general information on our Exchange 2007 server,

1. Total amount of incoming messages processed (qty and message size)

2. Total amount of outgoing messages processed (qty and message size)

What is the easiest way to find this information? ( I would prefer not to use a 3rd party tool)
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You can use Performance monitor...

By enabling message tracking on the server, we can track all the messages accessed through the Exchange server. The limitation was this tool gives an output of only 1000 messages at one time and we need to specify time limits including date settings to get accurate data.


And using performance monitor, we can actually count the total number of messages sent and total number of messages received and view the report.

Add SMTP server as the Performance object and add the following counters from “select counters from list:”

1. Messages sent total

2. Messages received total

And you can view the report accordingly.


Thanks, I may end up scripting something through Exchange Managment Shell but good to know that will work also. Thanks.

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