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UPS shutdown and startup config with UPSMAN

Andrej Pirman
Andrej Pirman used Ask the Experts™

I have few customers with GE Dgital Energy UPS power supplies, mostly on-line series EP and GT with RS-232 or USB connection. Most of them have main SERVER connected directly to UPS via serial or USB cable, having UPSMAN service running on server.

UPSMAN does its job just fine regarding system shutdown, which proprly shuts down system after UPS reaches runtime limit of, let's say, 5 minutes.

But PROBLEM is system startup after mains restores. Server is not aware of power restore, so it does not power up and I have to call some secretary at remote location and ask her to press power button after each power failure.
It's not 2010 year technology, rite?

What I am thinking is to somehow configure GE DIGITAL ENERGY UPS to shut itself down after it shuts server down. For example a procedure lik this:
- mains failure
-- waiting for UPS to reach its runtime limit
- send local system SHUTDOWN command
- wait predefined time for system to shutdown (3 minutes, for example)
- then shutdown UPS (REGARDLESS of mains status!)
- then WHEN mains returns, OR IF mains is already back, wait until UPS charges to, let's say 30% capacity, and power up the UPS itself

Devices, which are connected to UPS, will detect power down and then power up event, so when power comes back, device should power up itself!

Anybody with exact instructions/settings for UPSMAN to configure UPS device like this?
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The server needs to have hardware to manage it's own power or be in the sleep state waiting for network or other signal. Dell servers have the DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) option to allow remote management when the system has been shutdown but has power connected. Similar options are available on other servers.

If the server is put into sleep mode it draws lower power & run longer on UPS (batteries) and still be woken up by a special network packet. You can set a power plan to power up the server at a set time in the BIOS (boot) menu.

Old computers had a power button that cut the power to the power supply unit. Computers since the ATX spec keep the power to the UPS and allow a low voltage between two wires from the MB to trigger power up/down.
Standard computers stop powering serial, USB, network etc. when shutdown and cannot be woken up unless someone or something triggers the power switch. This can be connected to a relay with a circuit to trigger the relay once, ~5secs after UPS power output has been restored or by other remote input.