Sync iPad task, calender with Exchange Server 2007

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kindly suggest how I can sync exchange with my ipad, Iphone, and macbook with single exchange email account.

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I noticed this question is being ignored here. I think you might want to move it to the Exchange zone.
I have one iPad on our Exchange network and it was fairly easy for the owner to set up the iPad to retrieve his Exchange data with little help from me. iPads and iPhones use ActiveSync to connect with Exchange. There's not much you need to do on the server end if ActiveSync is on (the default). There are lots of tutorials for Apple users to get this set up.
for this answer, the iPhone and iPad will have the same steps:

- Go to Settings, Mail/Contacts/Calendars and add your Exchange Account
                      (You will need your settings from your Administrator for the fields to fill in)
- Once this is complete, go BACK into your Exchange account (settings, mail/contacts/calendars) and click on the exchange account you just created.  Make sure that MAIL, Contacts, Calendars are ALL ON.

On Macbook,
- open Entourage (recommended) or
- Add account, select Exchange and complete the steps to automatically detect (certain versions of Exchange may not auto detect).  Enter the information (again - see admin for required info.
- If manual settings are required, you will need your exchange server (just like in the iPhone step).

Once this is done, you will see your Inbox, Calendar, Notes, Contact and Task list.  They will all sync to your iPhone.

One note:  your iPhone, by default, will sync through Active Sync to your Exchange account.  BUT, it will ALSO sync to your local address book and calendar unless you change that in iTunes.  

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