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I'd like to know the correct way to add a second exchange mailbox for an existing user on SBS2008.  This can be via wizards or cmdlets - i'm not fussy.

It seems messy to create to a second AD account just so the user has another mailbox.


I have a user - lets call him Bob Smith  
He has a domain user account BobSmith.
He has already an exchange mailbox bobsmith@domain.tld
He has an alias bsmith@domain.tld which has been added to bobsmith@domain.tld
He has Outlook 2003 and is connected to his exchange mailbox via mapi and receives mail for bobsmith@ and bsmith@ OK
This exchange mailbox is shared to other users on the network

Bob now wants a second mailbox which is 100% private and not shared.
He'd like bs@ as a second mailbox, but attached to his domain account bobsmith.

In outlook he expects to see two mailbox
The first: bobsmith@ (which also recieves bsmith@)
and a second mailboc bs@ which has his private, unshared mail.
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How to create a second email account for an exisiting user in SBS 2008

How to add a second exchange profiule to outlook 2003
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Realistically the problem is that bob's current mailbox is shared. The "right" way to do this is to create a public folder, attach the email addresses that should be shared access to that public folder, and then make his box private again (as it should be) and attach the private email address to that mailbox.
Create a new user account with mailbox, then give only the main user the full rights. After add the mailbox to outlook

Tools - accounts - change - more settings - advance - under mailboxes add the other account
Two mailbox for same account is not possible.
However you can create a seprate account and a mailbox.
Give permission bob on that maibox.

Add it in the outlook.

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