connecting to outlook 2003 from SBS 2003 without joining the domain

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I installed a SBS 2003 server for a client last year. The owner decided he hated having to press
<Ctrl> <Alt> <Delete> to get into his computer. So I removed the XP workstations from the SBS domain. Recently the office staff realized they need at least internal E-mail. I tried setting up Outlook 2003 to use password authentication, which works on my regular Exchange server, but SBS won't connect. When I set up the account and use "Check Name", the server responds, but then times out when I open the program.
The wizards don't offer any options I can find. Is this a permission problem or a "can't get there from here" problem
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What about setting up POP3 on the server and using Outlook to download the emails to the client PCs? You could set Outlook up to leave a copy on the server until deleted from the "Deleted Items"
set his outlook exchange profile with rpc over http.

he will have to enter his password every time he starts outlook though.
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There is no need for a user to be a member of the domain to connect to Outlook. Setting up the Exchange account is more automated if you are joined, but there is no need to configure anything differently with a non-domain-joined PC. If prompted at any time for a user name use domain\username

If the users are mobile/off site they can also use rpc/http for remote access with no domain membership.

It is a shame that "ctrl+alt+del" is such an inconvenience, when joining a domain increases security, simplifies computer management, and reduces support costs.


The server didn't have RPC enabled and as usual SBS 2003 is a little different than a regular 2003 server. I used parts of all three to make it work and I'm very thankful!

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