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I created a Windows 2003 domain 172.19.36.x  I have two domain contollers which are also dns and dhcp.  I currently have 3 stand alone servers 172.19.34.x, 2 stand alone servers 172.19.35.x which have I have had no problem joining to the domain.  Today I tried to join two more stand alone servers 172.19.35.x but I keep getting an error that the domain controller can not be contacted.  

I can ping the dc with ip address and FQDN but not by name alone.  I have verified all my ip settings, no firewall or antivirus software is active.  Any idea what the problem can be?
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Make sure the servers are only pointing to your DCs for DNS. Make sure your DCs are only pointing to DCs as well in their TCP\IP settings for DNS.

Run dcdiag to check for errors.

> I can ping the dc with ip address and FQDN but not by name alone
Means NetBios name resolution is not working. In this case, you have to make sure, just to use FQDN names, if you want to join the domain (i.e. also for admin account (Server\Username = NetBios), or you have to provide a name resolution service for NetBios like a WINS server.

NetBios can also fail, if a DC has two NICs, als NetBios can only bind to one NIC.

It can temporary fail, if the DCs are in replication, but this should a temporary problem.

The problem can also be avoided, if you wait a time after logon, as the servers will find them via broadcast name resolution, but this can take a while. Check the setting on the NICs NetBios over TCP/IP, which should be enabled on the internal netwrok and disabled on external NICs.

Make sure, your network mask fits to the network, as you use x.x.34.x - x.x.36.x addresses, maybe be, but not

Make sure, at least on DC is global catalog server.


I have checked all of the above items and still cannot join the domain.



I ran dcdiag and got the following error.  The host could not be resolved to an ip address.  domaina failed test connectivity.  

I alsso got

Skipping all tests, because server domaina is not responding to directoery service requests.
Open DNS MMC and have a look what is in the _msdcs folder.
Following the name above, you should have either as forward zone or as forward zone with ntb as subdomain.
Additionally, your server should exist with an A-Record under  

Also note, that "numbersandletters" has 17 characters and therefore is not a valid NetBios Name (Windows NetBios Names should have 15 characters or less)


Thank you for the help.  That was an itch.

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