Apache returns uncomplied JSP when error happens

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I have a call to a JSP that looks something like this: http://www.somecompany.com/main/jsp/reports/selectDBStuff.jsp

However if the user were to do take the following line and add '%20 to the end, making it look like this: I have a call to a JSP that looks something like this: http://www.somecompany.com/main/jsp/reports/selectDBStuff.jsp%20

 it would then return and show the uncompiled JSP. I need to know how to stop this.

I have tried this on both Apache and Tomcat and also going directly to Tomcat... It appears to only happen when using both apache and Tomcat, so I am assuming this is an Apache issue? Again any help on how to stop this would be appreciated.

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It could be a problem with the additional space(%20 as per URL encoding)  that you are trying to append to the URL. I am assuming that you are using some kind of a connector to send the call from Apache to Tomcat.

In this case what could be happening is that Apache would try to resolve the URL by checking if it has a file in that location; if it does it will send the un-compiled file to the browser.

There are 2 ways to try to fix this.

1. Remove any JSP files that are lying in the Apache web server directory.
2. Add a rule in Apache to trim the URL before processing it.

In case you are looking at specific inputs, you would need to provide us with the re-direction information so that we can help you further.


Is there a rule in Apache where I could tell it not to send the uncompiled JSP?
No, it will send the file it it finds it at the location specified.

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