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Chrome and Safari browsers mangle layout, zoom in then out fixes it

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Having some "fun" with this site layout.  It displays a little differently with each browser, but looks broken when loading in Chrome or Safari.  
FF and IE versions display acceptably, even if they are a little different.

Chrome and Safari send the left column under the right column.  The display fixes itself if I Ctrl+F5 in Chrome, or by Ctrl+ then Ctrl- in Chrome and Safari.

Any ideas how I can get it to show the columns side-by-side on initial load in these webkit browsers?
Thanks in advance!
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The first thing I would do is validate your html and css. You have 1 css error. http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ 


That is a good reminder, but I did check validity for HTML and CSS.  CSS validates for version 3.0.  The only error was the "opacity" property for level 2.1, but both browsers can use this property.  There are also some warnings, but they are about colors.
The problem is you have a clearFloat in the wrong place.

Remove the <div class="clearFloat"></div> which is just below your <div id="breadcrumb"> div.

This should fix it all. Let me know if you still have any problems after changing that.


Thanks, StaticVortex, but that did not fix it.  Layout still looks fine with FF3, IE6, and IE7, but does not load correctly in Chrome.  A reload of the page with Ctrl+F5 still fixes the layout, but clicking another link breaks it again.  Screwy, eh? Apparently, that "clearfloat" div wasn't doing anything special, so it slimed down the code, anyway.
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Something inside of #main is too wide and pushing another object below it. If you turn off overflow:hidden on #evencols or correct your widths, it should solve this problem (though turning off overflow:hidden may cause other problems elsewhere, I haven't checked).


Sorry for delayed response, I was pulled away from this project unexpectedly.

I will try bmlyon's suggestions ASAP and post back.