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Hello Experts!

In my subform, I added an unbound text box.  Right now, the order of my fields are...

ID - Occasion ID - Occasion - Delete?

But what I would like is...

Delete? - ID - Occasion ID - Occasion

How can I get my "Delete?" column (the unbound text box) moved to the very beginning, instead of it being shown at the end?

Hopefully there is an easy fix for this.

DISCLAIMER - Please keep in mind that I'm a beginner
when it comes to Microsoft Access.  When replying to
my question, please do not assume I know my way around
Access or even know most of the terminology.  This is
all a new learning experience for me.  Thanks!
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Yes there is an easy fix.

When you've got your form in Form View (i.e. when you can see the data) click on the Delete? column header to highlight the whole column. Click on the column header again and keep the mouse depressed and you should see a little box. Whilst keeping the mouse held down, move the column to where you want it.


@fionafenton - God that was easy!  Thank you very much for your help.  I appreciate it.

~ Geekamo


Thank you again!

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