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NVIDIA drivers won't drivers update?

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I have Vista32, and a 9600GSO card.  I updated divers and NVIDIA desktop software several times up to version 197.45(  The latest drivers, 15.01 show as available in the NVIDIA control panel, as well as the 257.21 package, so I download them.  I run the installer as usual, it completes and I restart.  I check the driver version and it remains at 192.45.  I tried starting in safe mode and uninstalling the driver and reinstalling the new one and it goes through a successful install with restarts and everything, but the driver still shows as 192.45.
Is 15.01 was released in 2007.. And the control panel says that 256.21 is available, and that I do not have the latest drivers
I check settings through NVIDIA control panel version
How do I update in this case?
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Perhaps try a new driver download?  I see it has the drives for Vista listed here:

And normally, I'd recommend getting them straight from the MFG site.

Could be time to upgrade to Windows 7, or possibly down-grade the driver to the last one that works properly.

Do you have any Error codes listed from your EventID, perhaps this will help uncover the issue.
Also, try a complete unistall of the old driver, and attempt to install the new driver on the reboot?

i'll continue to look initially, I don't see others having a similar issue...but I'll look further.


Thanks for the input.  I uninstalled the driver in safe mode, then reinstalled the latest drivers on next reboot.  I then got a message from Windows update saying that two older NVIDIA drivers were available(both released prior to 2009).  I installed these, and since then have had no stability problems .  The current driver is, released 4/3/2010.  NVIDIA Update software still shows the two new downloads as being available, and their documentation says to just download and install over current driver.  
if you have things working, you can do one of two thigns:

1- generally, once a tested driver works, it is left untouched until a reason (security or a failing app or such) causes an upgrade.  Bottom line :"if it ain't broken, don't fix it"

2- now that you 'know' what works.  Create a restore point.  Try the upgrade and see if you remain stable.  IF you do, then you'll be good to go.  If the instability returns, return to restore point.  Try again in a few weeks or such after watching the forums and such to see if others report a similar problem, or you notice a report that the problem you were having has been 'fixed' in the latest release.

Up to you, I'd like to think I'd leave it alone (but knowing me, I probably would try to get it current).  My spouse's box, I'd leave alone...mine I'd keep tinkering with.  FWIW


Thanks.  It was crashing some apps which is why I got into updating it.  After the reinstall all programs are running OK(for now).  I looks like beta drivers are out for the next update, so I'll wait a while, and do a system restore before updating.

Great - thanks for the comments!