Point to Point Network (about 250 yards)

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Ok, I am trying to look for suggestions.

I am looking to link two buildings that are about 250 yards away. I got a quote to trench and put a conduit between the buildings and that just isn't in the budget.

So I was looking to find a way to do it with wireless. I don't need 300mbps. I would be happy with a stable 20mbps.

Now the kicker... The owner of the buildings will not let me pierce the roof or allow me to run a conduit along the outside of the building so I am going to need a powerful enough unit to make it through some brick walls.

I am sure I could just buy some Cisco Aironets with some 23db antennas and I should be fine since that should stretch about 2 miles. I also have been looking into the Proxim Tsunami 8150's which might be out of the budget but they say they do NLOS and upto 43 miles which would be totally overkill. What are some others thoughts?
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My thoughts are as follows:

1. Proxim Tsunami 8150 will indeed be an overkill. Aironets with 100mW power might not be sufficient in spite of the 23 db antennas, the signal quality might be bad.
2. You'll need an access point with fairly high power (preferably over 200mW) along with a high gain antenna.
3. You'll also need wireless client adapters with high power and preferably, high gain antennas. My personal experience with the Alfa adapters has been quite good, but other adapters with high power chipsets should be good, too.

Hope this helps.

Warm regards,
Wait...you got bids for trenching, but you won't drill a hole in a wall or the roof?  Seems ridiculous IMO.  One would assume that you have electrical outlets, lighting, cameras, etc. on the outside of the building.  Why not use those penetration points?

At some point, building owners "get it" that network connectivity is just another utility like water, electricity, gas, cable/sat TV.  Imagine telling the building owners that they must fiddle with rabbit ears in order to watch over-the-air broadcast TV.  Ain't going to happen.  Approval for drilling, coring, dynamite blasting approved.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Agree with sarangk_14.  A cheap way to investigate the feasibility of a wireless solution:

Go to ebay and enter "wifi yagi" as a search term.  Buy two of the antenna and booster kits (less than $100 for two.)  Attach one to a system in each building near as possible to the facing walls, point the antennas at the other building, and see if they can connect reliably.  If so, the wireless solution is feasible and you can then decide where to go as a permanent solution.


I ended up buying the Proxim 8150 Tsunami units have they have been in place for a while now with only 2 disconnects.  We are very happy with the solution.

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