VBA Excel: sorting arrays

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Hi X-perts,

I have two arrays:

names(1 to 20) ---- a string array
values(1 to 20) ----- a numerical array (double)

Both arrays are linked, i.e. i-th element of names corresponds to i-th element of values.

I need to sort both arrays on values, i.e. after sorting the 2nd array (values) will have all decrementing values and its i-th element will correspond to the same name as before sorting (i-th element of names)

Please suggest the most elegant way of doing that.

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Put them into two columns.
Select all 40 cells.
From the menu/ribbon, choose Sort, or use the keyboard - Alt-D, Alt-S
Options: no header, column (choose the column containing the values)


I need a VBA solution. Something like the attached code, but with a better performance
Public Function SortArray(ByRef TheArray As Variant)
Sorted = False
Do While Not Sorted
    Sorted = True
For X = 0 To UBound(TheArray) - 1
    If TheArray(X) > TheArray(X + 1) Then
        Temp = TheArray(X + 1)
        TheArray(X + 1) = TheArray(X)
        TheArray(X) = Temp
        Sorted = False
    End If
Next X
End Function

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I don't know about better.. but use Excel's built in sorter.
Public Sub SortArray(ByRef TheArray As Variant, ByRef TheOtherArray As Variant)
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add
ws.Range("A1:A10").Value = WorksheetFunction.Transpose(TheArray)
ws.Range("B1:B10").Value = WorksheetFunction.Transpose(TheOtherArray)
ws.Range("A1:B10").sort ws.Range("B1"), xlAscending

TheArray = WorksheetFunction.Transpose(ws.Range("A1:A10"))
TheOtherArray = WorksheetFunction.Transpose(ws.Range("B1:B10"))

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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