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howi t is possible to check whether a window has hwnd and is "visible" but not in Front/onTop?
I need to know when the window will lost TopPosition but is still visible (not minimized).

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Win32 API. IsWindowVisible

if (IsWindowVisible(hWnd))

This function allows to check if a window is visible.

in MFC CWnd class has a method with the same name:

CWnd has also GetTopWindow (same name in Win API). If I understand you question correctly, you need this function.
This function gives the top window. Compare the result from this function with your window and it is not the same, you window is not the top window.

There is also GetNextWindow function that gives next and previous windows in the z-order

Also there is GetWindowRect if you need to detect the window rectangle.
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CWnd* pWnd;
assign a window to pWnd (new, Create, Attach, GetDlgItem....)

pWnd->GetSafeHwnd();    //returns NULL if no hwnd

(pWnd->GetSafeHwnd() != CWnd::GetForegroundWindow()->GetSafeHwnd())   //true if the foreground (active) window is a different window

pWnd->IsIconic();   returns true if minimised


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