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iexplore.exe virus

Last Modified: 2013-11-22
i have an issue regarding the initial reason i signed up for experts exchange. i caught a virus. iexplore.exe is constantly running in system processes and spiking performance. it causes my volume controls to have the wave turned all the way down. i also noticed the folders LocalService and NetworkService located in my c: docs and settings folder.
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If you think you have a virus I would run quite a few scans to check:
1. download the fully functional 30 day trial of this do a scan then uninstall:
2.  Download spybot and do a scan:
3. Do a scan with any antivirus software you have.

Have you every end task on the process at all?
I take it you use internet explorer browser? habe you tried firefox at all?


i have used malware bytes and spybot, but nothing is detected after the scan. i use firefox. each time i end the iexplore.exe process it pops back up. a invisible ie window must be open because any window i am on loses active window focus and i have to click into the window. even as i type this now i have to continue to click onto firefox window to begin typing again. i have to continually go into volume controls and raise my wave volume to regain sound. i just tried the trojan remover program as well and it did not resolve issue. Please help asap


i need help on this. anyone out there?

Did you make sure that MWB was fully updated with the latest definitions?  Did you try running it's full scan after booting Windows into safe mode?  I've found that MWB pretty much should kill off anything you have.

Other than that, it may be to the point where you need to wipe and reload Windows.
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These tools will help you to clean!

- Combofix
- Hitman Pro (30 day trial)
- Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010
- Drweb Cureit

All the links you will find here:

I'll bet you have a Mebroot infection and this will check for it then fix it, if necessary:  http://www.eset.com/download/free-virus-remover
The Mebroot trojan cleaner is the 4th one up from the bottom.
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I can also recommend HijackThis

It would seem we need to determin if you actually have an virus, sometimes what you see as .exe is not virus ..
refs to>iexplore.exe is constantly running in system processes and spiking performance<< that may not indicate a virus
Which windows are you running?
 on my windows 7 there is two instances of IE 8.exe running in my task manager, one is the web page I have open the other is related to the new Tab extension running alongside, so when there is no IE pages open there is no internet explorer running only Explorer which is windows.

For drag on the internet>>you may need to delete the internet explorer cache and increase the disc space allocated.
You can safely untick the protected mode if you have a good AV and use comonsense on the web.
Protected mode can cause lags opening web pages IE8

refs to> it causes my volume controls to have the wave turned all the way down.<< that maybe caused by another media player program running in the background not a virus.Or if you use a set of headphones. Headphones will drop the wav volume
refs to>>
 i also noticed the folders LocalService and NetworkService located in my c: docs and settings folder.<< dont understand what the problem is here??

What has convinced you that there is a virus?
From what you wrote I am not convinced that you have an actual virus at all
refs to>>>>have used malware bytes and spybot, but nothing is detected after the scan<<<<

Please post any other concerns you have and then I'll endeavour to assist you, please post your system specs PC laptop.. how much ram  which windows??
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voip applications may control volume
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